Welcome to Bunny Whisperer

At Bunny Whisperer Bunny Boarding Retreat our mission is to provide each one of our customers with services entrusted to experts who love and care for your rabbit the very same way we love and care for our very own rabbits.

We know that rabbits require the care of rabbit savvy experts. At Bunny Whisperer we KNOW rabbits and we LOVE rabbits. We operate a rabbit-only facility catering to discerning rabbit owners / owners-to-be that appreciate the benefits of using a small family company owned by a rabbit owner and self-taught expert with more than 25 years of experience with companion house rabbits.

Feel free to call us with your questions or arrange for an appointment to see our facility before making your decision. We are confident you will entrust your rabbit(s) to us when our services our required. We look forward to meeting you and caring for your precious rabbit. Come and meet our family of rabbits; Eddie, Timon, Francine, Sweet Pea and Samantha.