Frequently Asked Questions – Rabbit Boarding

Rabbit Boarding FAQs:

Bedding Type, Frequency of Changes, Number of Litter Boxes?

Bunny Whisperer uses Dry Den as our exclusive bedding product.  Dry Den is a soft, pelletized rabbit-safe and environmentally friendly bedding.  The product has superior odor control over paper litters (Carefresh, Oxbow etc) and wood pellets.  

Bunny Whisperer’s standard litter change is 3 days because of the superior quality of the product we use.  We do offer daily litter changes for a nominal charge, however this is not necessary with our product.  Clients who prefer paper litters must bring their own or pay for daily litter if requesting paper litter bedding.

We provide 1 litter box per pen.  Customer must pay daily surcharge for second litter box.  NOTE: additional litter box is required for Trios in a single pen.  If you have VERY small rabbits in a trio please call us to discuss a waiver on our policy and use only 1 litter box for the trio.

Do we have other Pen sizes besides your Popular 4ftx4ft x Pen?

We do have a limited amout (during off season) of larger and smaller pens than our Standard size.  However, our Most Popular Standard Pen (4ftx4ft) is the perfect size for all bunnies, even Pairs and smaller Trios. We recommend you purchase run time in our Playroom and allow your rabbit to excercise at scheduled intervals.  After 20 years of boarding experience and observing rabbits 24hours a day, I find that removing a rabbit from their living area during a boarding stay and putting him/her in an exercise area is mentally and phsyically stimulating for the rabbit.  If also gives us a chance to interact with the rabbit if the rabbit likes the social human interaction. 

Can I bring my own Hay and Fresh Greens?

We prefer you do NOT.  It cost us more labor to store and manage client food items than it does for us to feed your rabbits from our own supply.  Exceptions can be made but you MUST discuss this with us in advance.  We prefer feed our boarding guests a proper diet per the House Rabbit Society recommended guidelines for rabbit-safe fresh greens and Grass Hay.

Does Bunny Whisperer Supply Pellets for my Rabbit?

No we do not.  We used to provide Oxbow pellets for our guests who require them in their diet (very young, old or other health/dietary needs).  However the rabbit pellet market has exploded in the past two years and there are now so many brands and variations of each brand that clients are using we can no longer keep this many brands and varietes in stock.

                 READ MORE HERE: House Rabbit Society Diet FAQ

                 ANOTHER GREAT RESOURCE:  Daves Garden Vegan Rabbit Diet

We may deviate slightly from the House Rabbit Guidelines to meet client preferences but we encourage our customers to become educated about proper rabbit diet including good foods and proper quantities.  

NOTE:  We reserve the right to refuse to serve and food/treats we deem unhealthy to rabbits such large quantities of sugary fruits, vegetables or manufactured treats.  We encourage customers to become well educated about proper rabbit diet so that you may enjoy a long and healthy relationship with your domestic pet rabbit.  If you have any questions and would like some more help and resources, please ask.  We love to help our customers provide a healthy lifestyle for their beloved rabbit.

               READ MORE HERE: House Rabbit Society Diet FAQ

Can I bring my own dishes and litter box?

No.  Tracking customer’s dishes and boxes reduces the efficiency of our daily cleaning processes we have in place for all rabbbit guests.  We also do NOT assume liability for breakage or loss and becuase this can become a problem when customers bring their own dishes it is not our policy to accept them.  Rabbits do not have issues using our littler boxes or dishes so there is no need.  If you feel strongly otherwise, you MUST get prior approval from Bunny Whisperer BEFORE bringing your own dishes or litter boxes.

Does Bunny Whisperer accept rabbits housed outdoors?

No.  We share a close relationship with the National House Rabbit Society as volunteers with our local San Diego House Rabbit Society (SDHRS).  Because of this, we support their mission to educate the public about the dangers of outdoor rabbit housing as well as the missed opportunity for having a companion house rabbit as an integral part of your family.  This cannot be accomplished when a rabbit is stuck outside in a pen or your yard with no human interaction.  Please note this does not include rabbits housed indoors that are allowed supervised outdoor run time in protected areas, provided the rabbit is free of ticks, mites, fleas or other contagious disesase which may be contracted from outdoor contact with wildlife waste.

Here is a link to the House Rabbit Society article on outdoor rabbits HRS Article on Outdoor Rabbits

Does Bunny Whisper board rabbits with active medical conditions?

All of our customers are required to provide Bunny Whisperer full disclosure of any past or present medical conditions.  So long as the condition is not actively contagious (as determined by a qualified rabbit savvy vet) there is no issue with accepting the rabbit for boarding.  If you believe your rabbit is exhibiting symptoms of a contagious illness consult a rabbit savvy vet before making your reservation to ensure we can board your loved one.  For a list of rabbit savvy vets in the San Diego area use this link from SDHRS San Diego Area Rabbit Vets

It is each customer’s obligation to read our Terms of Service and understand what you are agreeing to in reference to full disclosure about your rabbit’s past and present medical conditions.  It is also the owners obligation to fully disclose such conditions on the Boarding Agreement.  Please refer to these documents on this website for more information.

Do I have to bring anything for my rabbit?

No.  Bunny Whisperer provides all of the essentials for your rabbit’s stay with us.  However if your rabbit(s) diet includes pellets or healthy treats you will need to bring those as they are not supplied by Bunny Whisperer.  If your bunny has a favorite mat, blanket or toy we encourage you to bring along for your his/her comfort. 

Does Bunny Whisperer provide water bottles for drinking?

If your rabbit drinks from a water bottle we encourage you to offer it water from a bowl and gradually wean the rabbit off the water bottle.  Rabbits can sometimes lack proper amounts of water intake when using a water bottle because they may not want to take the effort to work the bottle to intake the amount of water he/she should really be getting.  Water bottles are better suited to rodents.  Offering your rabbit water in a bowl/dish will encourage easier and more frequent water intake.

However, boarding is not the time to take away your rabbit’s water bottle.  We encourage you to work on this at home.  We can and will provide your rabbit with a water bottle as well as a water crock.  However, due to the wide variety of water bottles on the market we prefer you bring your own rabbit water bottle as rabbits can be very picky about the type of water bottle if used to a certain type.

And yes we are aware that water bowls can come with cons.  Keeping them clean is a MUST.  If your rabbit likes to flip the water bowl just use a heavy crock with no lip.  That is what we use here and why we use them (heavy crocks).  Even the largest Flemish Giant boarder has never flipped our water crocks. In our experience, the benefits of a water bowl for your rabbit far outweigh any risks if you take care to keep your rabbit’s bowl clean and fresh.

Does Bunny Whisperer provide toys for my rabbit?

No but we do sell our BWHISP ™ treat bags or hay rolls, filled with blended hays, organic herbs and other goodies to keep your rabbit busy and happy for hours.  The cost for these is a nominal charge of $5.00 for a large bag that will keep your rabbit stimulated and busy for days.

If we bring treats will you give them to our rabbit?

Yes within reason.  We follow the general guidelines of the House Rabbit Society and will not feed your rabbit harmful treats loaded with sugar, nuts and other ingredients that promote obesity and other digestive and organ issues so please do not bring them.

The HRS guidelines can be reviewed here HRS Rabbit Diet

Do you provide specific greens based on my rabbit’s preferences?

Not as a general rule with a few exceptions.  We feed our own rabbits as well as our guest rabbits a variety of fresh greens including leaf lettuce, romaine, parsley, kale, cilantro and occasionally other rabbit safe greens (based on price/availability from our sources).  

However customers with rabbits that have a medical or health related concern with certain vegetables must inform us on the Boarding Agreement of this need and we will absolutely accommodate the special request.  

Also we do serve specific ‘favorite’ greens to some of our regular customers who have very picky rabbits and might get stressed if they do not see their favorite nom nom greens.   So please do not hesitate to share your rabbit’s specific likes or dislikes of fresh greens.  We are here to do our best to make your rabbit’s stay with us as comfortable and stress free as possible.