Frequently Asked Questions – Rabbit Bonding

Bonding Program FAQs:

Does Darrin provide a Guarantee that the rabbits will be bonded?

There are no guarantees with bonding.  If anyone has told you otherwise they are not qualified to bond rabbits ~ PERIOD.  Darrin (or anyone) cannot guarantee a successful bond, especially with ‘owner selected’ rabbits.  I carefully screen the rabbits and only accept those into my program if I believe there is a high chance for success.  However, the safety and welfare of the rabbits ALWAYS comes first, even if that means abandoning the bonding at any time during the program or recommending to a client that they not bond the rabbits at all, at least not in my program.  

Is there basic criteria for acceptance into the Bonding Program?

I  only accept rabbits with no prior (major) medical issues.  The stress, even mild, of bonding can weaken the immune system so you are not doing yourself or your a rabbit any benefit by attempting a bond, with me or any other persons, if the rabbit’s immune system is comprised.  Other screening criteria also applies, at our sole discretion, for the safety and welfare of the rabbits (e.g., age, personality, health, temperament etc.).  I do not bond rabbits housed outside. 

When the rabbits come home is the bonding work completed?

The bond is NEVER complete until the rabbits are back in your home and you have completed the required steps to validate and solidify the bond as part of your post-bonding “homework”.  If you do not expect to do any work in the post-bonding process then our program is not for you.  I am here to ensure, to the best of my ability, a successful companion bond for life.  I do most of the work for you because I am the expert and you are paying me for that service.  But you MUST be committed to and available for the post-bonding work once the rabbits return to your home, else you risk breaking the bond and undoing all of our work.

Do you provide Post-Bonding Support?

Absolutely.  Post-Bonding period is just as important as the bonding period.  I am committed to making your rabbit bonding a success.  It is of no value to me to have dissatisfied customers or a bonding failure.  Believe me when I tell you that I only do this (bond) because I have a passion and the skills to help people with bonding issues.  There is no profit in bonding as a paid service because the time I put into the program is extremely labor intensive.  To quote a great motivational mentor of mine “It (bonding rabbits) is in his DNA”.

What are some common reasons for Post-Bonding failure once the rabbits return home?

Even when Bunny Whisperer acheives a very tight bonding success at our facility at the conclusion of our Bonding Program there are a few common factors that can negatively impact our bonding work once the rabbits return home:

• Other animals in the home or smells from other animals from external sources on your clothing
• Incomplete ‘neutrality’ cleaning / lack of neutral space to re-introduce the rabbits into your home
• Stress in the household that the rabbits will pick up on and react negatively
• Failure to monitor and/or work with the rabbits 24 hours a day for the agreed upon period of time (physically with them or monitoring on camera)
• Failure to limit space, carpet, ‘hidey housing’ treats and other “bond breakers”Failure to limit space, carpet, ‘hidey housing’ treats and other “bond breakers”
• Many more factors beyond our control because they are now in your environment under your care

I am are here to help you work through these issues and be successful.  Sometimes bringing the rabbits back here for a few days to re-establish the bond and give you time to re-group/correct the home environment problems can make a positive impact on the success of the final bond.

If the issues continue, our first attempt is to ‘listen’ to what the rabbits are telling us they need.  We then change the Post-Bonding approach to adapt (we, as in you and I,  must ALWAYS remain open-minded and open to change ).  If these attempts fail, you can consider paying for additional bonding consults or stays with us or consider abandoning your bonding efforts for the safety and welfare of the rabbits (and any other animals in the mix at home).

When and how can I communicate with Bunny Whisper for questions, status or urgent concerns during the Post-Bonding Support period?

I try to make ourselves available nearly 24/7 via email, text or telephone to support our customers during the Post-Bonding period.  From there I offer a lifetime of support (fee for services as required) to help with issues such as bond-breaks, fighting etc. which can occur for many reason unrelated to the quality and success of our bonding work here.  But I don’t ever abandon my customers.

Failure to communicate potential issues proactively to Bunny Whisper so that I can adjust the Post-Bonding Support plan could result in a negative impact to the work I did during the Bonding Progam.  NOT every plan I lay out works without change ~ the rabbits will tells us when I have anticipated something incorrectly in our Post-Bonding Support Plan and I can’t help you adjust if you don’t inform us of what is going on.

You are our eyes and ears for Post-Bonding Support and I not only want, but I expect, our clients to provide constant communication during the post bonding period until final success is claimed!  I would rather take your call at 11pm at night with a concern that turns out to be nothing than take your call at 10am on your way back from the vet after a fight.  I AM HERE FOR YOU – TO HELP YOU ACHEIVE A HAPPY AND REWARDING BONDING EXPERIENCE!

 I have another animal at home (cat, dog, another rabbit) so how will that impact the Post-Bonding?

Other animals can play a significant negative role in the Post-Bonding.  Not all the time, but sometimes the other animal can break the bond.  It is critical that you provide precise details to us during the initial consult (or prior during phone/email communications) so that I can advise you of the potential issues you may encounter during your Post-Bonding efforts.  

Sometimes another animal that will interact with the newly bonded rabbits is best kept isolated from the newly bonded pair until the bond is solidified in your home. Other experiences where there is already a strong companionship between one or both of the rabbits with a cat or dog in the house can lead to extreme difficulties and must be dealt with up-front during the Post-Bonding period.

Because my home where I conduct my Program Bondings (Hands-On Work By Me) Is also our Bunny Whisperer Boarding Retreat Faciltiy (Rabbit Only), I cannot assit with cat or dog (or any animal) companionship introductions for the bonded rabbits when they return home for your Post-Bonding work.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE READY TO TAKE ON THIS ADDITIONAL BURDEN.  You may want to plan ahead to seek help from an organization that can help with a cat or dog introduction or re-introduction with a newly bonded pair or rabbits.