Rabbits for Therapy


Would you like the benefit of having a rabbit for emotional suupport or do you know someone else who might?  Contact us for more information about the emotional support benefits of Human-Rabbit interaction for emotional support.

Fighting chronic illness and pain on a daily basis, Our Founder Darrin Fournier, understands the benefits of Domestic House Rabbits for emotional support and therapy.  Rabbits for Therapy can provide much needed help to adults and families dealing with the physical and mental toll of chronic illness and chronic pain.

Our staff, volunteers and consultants at Bunny Whisperer are hard at work getting ready to launch our nonprofit, hopefully in 2019 (paws crossed).  Our nonprofit organizaion will be dedicated to providing adults and families with Human-Rabbit interactions for the benefit of emotional support.

Our EARs™ (Emotional Assitance Rabbits) Program will be unique from all other emotional support and therapy pet programs.  Following in the foot-steps of our Bunny Whisperer  standards of excellence in customer service, our nonprofit organization will be the first of its’ kind and one of a kind Human-Rabbit emotional support and therapy.  Our proprietary EARs™ Program will offer the following proprietary experiences:

  1. Human-Rabbit interactions in private settings (homes or our facility) for one-on-one individual interactions.  These interactions are typically about a 1 hour session and are best suited for adults or older children with adult supervision present.
  2. Human-Rabbit interactions in private settings for short-term adult companionship to allow indivicuals to experience the emotional support and therapeutic benefits of rabbit at a whole new level, longer than just a one-time meet.  This is usually a 1-2 month program.
  3.  Some of our rabbits have emotional support needs of their own.  The Human-Rabbit interaction between an individual and a rabbit that both gain emotional support from the encounter truly a gratifying and precious experience.  You will find this type of interaction only with the EARs program, under the skilled guidance of our expert rabbit handler, Darrin Fournier.  Darrin has been working with special needs rabbits for over 30 years and understands the power of the MUTUAL exchange of emotional support for therapy between a Human and a Rabbit.
  4. We also offer Human-Rabbit interactions for group settings with custom tailored programs for the event using rabbits with various personalities and needs.  We don’t just limit our adult interactions to the cute and perfectly behaved rabbits.  We can combine our special needs rabbits with our ‘little angels’ to meet our customer’s specific needs for the event.

Whilst we are establishing our nonprofit orgranization for our emotional support Human-Rabbit interaction community service, feel free to give us a call at Bunny Whisperer.  We are piloting our EARs program on a limited basis and would love the opportunity to provide a private or group encounter for you if suitable.

Also, if you are looking for a program tailored towards children (schools etc.) we will be glad to refer to you to other local pet therapy programs that are tailored to this audience.