A story about Darrin Fournier, founder and self-trained rabbit bonding expert of Bunny Whisperer ~

In the early afternoon of a beautiful Easter Sunday in 2015 while family gathered inside the house, Darrin stepped outside to prepare the pool for the grandchildren. He quickly spotted, what looked to be a mouse, floating in the pool.  Hoping the children wouldn’t see it, he prepared to dispose of the deceased critter.  But then something odd about its’ appearance prompted him to take a closer look.  Upon closer inspection, Darrin saw it was a baby bunny, limp and lifeless. Suddenly the memory of a hot summer day from his childhood flashed through his head; visions of his mom performing CPR on the family rabbit Hocus Pocus.  Driven by that image of his mom, Darrin began trying to revive that little bunny, whispering “c’mon on little one you can make it. please come back, please”.

On that beautiful and memorable Easter Sunday, Darrin saved that little bunny’s life with a little help from his mom.  The little miracle bunny was transported to a local veterinarian for handover to a rescue group and subsequent release back to nature.  Bunny Whisperer was born on that sunny Easter Sunday and today Darrin and Karen are blessed with the opportunity to care for your rabbit(s) just as they do for their very own.

We hope Bunny Whisperer will give you a happy story of your own to share with others when you use our services.  Best Regards, Karen, Darrin and our family of rabbits, Eddie, Timon, Francine, Sweet Pea and Samantha.