Rabbit Bonding Support is now offered as a personal service by Darrin, outside Bunny Whisperer LLC. Both remote and local Bonding support is available.

You may use the BONDING REQUEST button below or you can email Darrin at bunnywhisperersd@gmail.com or call him directly at (858) 248-7210 for all rabbit bonding inquiries.

Darrin is currently servicing the entire United States, Europe and Asia for Remote bonding consulting.  Local bonding services are offered only in the Greater San Diego area.  On-Site Consults are available at your residence for an additional travel charge (varies by day/time/distance).

Darrin Fournier is a self-trained expert with many years of experience bonding rabbits including difficult “owner selected” pairs where the rabbits didn’t choose each other, you did.   Now “guess what?” They don’t like each other quite so much – Time to call Darrin

  • Since returning our bonding program to the personal service from Darrin, he is now able to offer more flexible programs promoting more owner involvement in a ‘hybrid’ program approach.  The result of greater owner involvement in the bonding program results in greater reward satisfaction from the owner; as sense of accomplishment and a greater understanding of the post-bonding support needs.  The end result is a lower investment for YOU with a greater chance for the bond to ‘hold’ during and after post-bonding support.
  • Contact Darrin for an intial consult to discuss your individual needs, and the needs of your rabbits to tailor a program specifically for you.
  • *An initial consult (min 1 hour) is required for any bonding option so that Darrin can assess if he is able to help before proceeding further.  Not all rabbits/owners/environments are suited to Darrin’s proprietary methodologies and techniques and other options may be a better fit for certain rabbits and/or owners.

Benefits of Seeking Bonding Assistance from a professional:

  • HUGE cost savings – Add up the time most people spend bonding rabbits for weeks or months, even years.  What is your time worth to you?  A single emergency vet bill from a fight can easily cost $600 – $1200 dollars.
  • Can you say “stress reduction”?   Bonding difficult rabbits is a stressful event for most.  Working with a highly experienced Bonding Expert using proprietary methods can help make the introduction of your newly bonded companions a rewarding and happy family experience rather than a painful memory.
  • Save time and money and get it done right the first time – working with a professional can often times result in a significant reduction in the end-to-end bonding time.
  • There are many reasons why your rabbit bonding may not be working in your home and sometimes a fresh ‘outside’ perspective from a pro can get you back on track and resolve inherent issues causing bonding failure.
  • Darrin’s proprietary approach to Rabbit Bonding is based upon experience NOT opinions or outdated approaches to rabbit bonding.  He never stops learning and improving on his proprietary methods – Change is embraced as part of the bonding process.
  • Darrin has logged thousands of hours observing both both negative and positive behavior trigger points in domestic house rabbits, especially at the height of their activity ~ night time.  This translates to the ability to anticipate the rabbit’s behavior resulting in decreased bonding time and increased chances for success.
  • Darrin’s experience with emotional assistance rabbits provides valuable skills to demystify some of the misunderstood negative behavior of ‘troubled’ rabbits.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Bonding simply doesn’t come with a guarantee.  Be wary of anyone promising you such a ridiculous notion.  Working with an expert increases your chances of a successful bond but that is where the reality starts and ends! Read Darrin’s Bonding FAQs to see if he may be the right choice to help you.

Bonding Consulting:

Bonding Consultation may be the right choice for you if:

  • You are willing and able to do the work as instructed by our staff
  • You commit to make the changes required in your home as documented by our staff
  • You are emotionally ready and willing to sacrifice the time to the bonding process in your own home
  • What we will cover:
  1. Bonding Methodologies (pen types, flooring, area setup)
  2. Basic plan outline (specific to each bonding pair based on many factors we will review)
  3. Key failure points, tips and ‘tricks’ to aide in a successful bond much faster than traditional methods
  4. Review your past/current approach and identify specific failure points

Consulting Rates:

  • $40.00 per hour in person with Darrin.
  • $30.00 per hour for remote sessions (phone, email)
  • $150.00 for a three-hour boot camp session with Darrin.